About Me
Currently I am working with GoJek Singapore as a full stack engineer. GoJek is an Indonesian unicorn helping people of south east asia run their day-to-day life. Before joining GoJek, I was working with Works Applications, Singapore, as a Research and Development Software Engineer. Works Applications is a Japanese company which develops ERP Products. I am working on development of Expense Management product. I joined Works Application in January 2016. Before this, I was doing

Master of Computing Student


School of Computing, National University of Singapore

. I graduated in December 2015. I have profound interest in concepts related to

Application/System Development and Automation

. I worked on topics related to web such as

Web Application development


Web Security

. I worked on a few projects to get my hands dirty in this field. I constantly work on honing my algorithmic skills. I love to work on new technologies and I am always game to try out new things. I employ a very basic approach -

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply"

. Besides understanding theoretical concepts, I am always inclined towards doing hands-on work.
Experimentation is the key!!
I love to work in an environment where I can see the impact of my work on user base and interact with user/client.
Apart from computer science I love to read and indulge in outdoor sporting activities. I am an above average player of table tennis and pool/snooker (at least I like to think so ;) ).

My team made it to top 10 teams in

Singapore Hackathon, 2015

, biggest ever hackathon in Singapore. Also won

Best OneMap Integration prize

. Theme of that year's hackathon was smart nation. We developed a system that tackled two major problems faced in Sentosa Island, Singapore:
  • Tourists don't have dynamic information about what is around the place where they are standing at a particular time. We came up with a solution that involves installing bluetooth beacons through out Sentosa and as soon as a user walks into the range of a beacon, he will be prompted with suggentions like nearby eateries, events, places to visit etc.
  • We also proposed that we can use information from these beacons to assess density of people at a particular time inside solution. To simulate this, we used OneMap API as base map showed a heat map with changing density. This would help Sentosa Administration to manage tourists better.
Currently I am working as a R&D Software Engineer at

Works Applications

. Before I started working on a project, I worked on a training project. For that, I Design and develop a web application to assist daily sales activities of a hypothetical pharmaceutical organization. This development was preceded by a detailed documentation of business activities, operations and structure of the organization. Application code and documentation for this application is available through this github repository. After this I joined Expense Management application development team where my responsibilities include -
  • Brain storming for new features of the application that would eventually improve UX and increase application's usability
  • Working on development of a Expense Management Application with various complex features
  • Rigorous testing of over all system and fixing ciritical issues in stipulated time
Before WorksAp, I worked as a Software Intern at

Quantum Inventions

. I worked on a couple of things at QI -
  • Migrating web service calls and data manipulation infrastructure developed on Ruby to another technology, namely


    , which provides an unified platform for data integration across different platforms. This tool is based on


  • Apart from this, I got a chance to work on an advertisement recommendation system and prediction system. For this, I am developing an algorithm that understands how data behaves on different days what inference can we derive from it
During my semester, before joining QI, I was appointed as

Teaching Assistant

for one of the under graduate modules at NUS. This was a Data Structure and Algorithm module (CS1020E). Following were my responsibilities as a TA:
  • Organized weekly lab sessions for enrolled students
  • Discuss questions from there programming assignments for data structure and algorithms
  • Meticulously analyze student's submission as part of graded submission
  • Make presentation for solutions of some of the algorithmic prblems given to students
Before coming to NUS for graduate program, I was working with

ZS Associates

as an Technology Associate (2013-14). ZS Associates provided technological solutions in the field of sales and marketing consultancy. Here is a brief description of my work at ZS:
  • Worked on designing of a salesforce management system that helped our client to improve SFM
  • Led a team of 4 to successfully develop, optimize and operationalize one of the key modules for a client
  • Automating the system for daily and monthly runs
  • Took initiative to significantly improve some of the activities done during development such as unit testing, system testing and integration testing
  • Interact with client on a regular basis to gather change requests and incorporate that in existing system
  • Trained the client on how to use some of the key features of the system
  • Training sessions for team mates and new members, on technical and business specifications of the system
Before my 15 months of tenure at ZS Associates, I was employed with Verizon Data Services (India). My work at Verizon mainly involved-
  • Developing unified ordering system on

    Concept Wave

    , a tool based on


  • Organized team wide training sessions and constant feed back

My coursework at


included -
  • Distributed System
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Robot Motion Planning a control
  • Systems Security
  • Web Security
  • Hands on with Business Analytics
  • Simulation and Modelling techniques
I completed my under graduate(B.Tech) from

National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India

in 2012. Some of the courses that I took were-
  • Relational Database Mangement Systems
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Architecture
My undergraduate journey was a balanced blend of research projects and events organization. I mainly focused on implementing theoretical knowledge in form of projects. With this frame of mind, I worked on designing and developing

algorithms for autonomous robots

. I also worked on

Image Processing



, Serial and Parallel Communication and Embedded Systems.

Social & Organisational
I love to interact with new people and indulge in discussions. I also developed interest in teaching during my under graduation days and organised various workshops. I also hosted many events at college and a couple of corporate level events. The biggest event that I organised was a National level robotics competition. I helped me gain a lot qualities like, diligence, managing time and resources, well before I completed my under graduation. When it comes to reading, I am equally inclined towards fiction and non-fiction. For non-fiction, I generally read new paper articles from The Hindu, especially the ones listed in editorial page.
I have put all my work on github, most of which is publicly accessible. Feel free to fork any of the repo and let me know in case you need any extra information about these projects. The link to my GitHub account is To know more about me, you can visit any of the social sensors mentioned right below my picture.
Harshul Gandhi

Born : 3rd February,1991


Work : hgandhi@comp.nus.edu.sg

Other : gandhi.harshul.88@gmail.com